What We Do

What We Do

Custom products.

ISTAM is specialized in sheet metal forming cold creating prototypes mainly for the aerospace industry, but also for the naval and automotive.

Thanks to the ability of ISTAM to work all kind of materials (aluminum 1000 series, 3000 and 6000, 300 series stainless low and high carbon, steel 17-7-PH, copper, brass, and all types of iron) makes leader in the market for metal-working. Moreover is positioned on the national and international market for competitive advantage on all types of equipment, in addition to molding and assembling.

Production of prototypes for aviation in many kind of row materials (aluminum alloys, stainless steel, copper etc.) and related design and manufacture of molds or equipment required and essential are the pride of ISTAM.

ISTAM produces fins in small series for pre-industrialization and in all forms, designing and manufacturing a double mold to be mounted on forming machine. These fins are used to produce heat exchangers, brazed masses.

Naval prototypes

Some examples of parts made for the naval sector. In addition to prototypes, ISTAM carries out, for this sector, also production parts using production techniques most suitable to obtain an excellent product.

Prototypes for aeronautics

Examples of parts made for the aeronautics industry. In addition to prototypes, ISTAM realizes, for this sector, also parts in series using the production techniques that are appropriate to obtain a great component.

Furniture and design

ISTAM is developing a new line of business for the life style. Coming soon the news.

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