ISTAM’s history.

ISTAM born in 1973 thanks to the intuition and commitment of a group of businessmen who opened the first activity in a small factory located in Turin.

At the end of 80s the Ownership moves in the industrial area of Rivalta, where the wide productive spaces allow work quantity of materials adapted to the increasing demands.

The activities at the time were focused on the realization filters finished, pressing for automotive components and special materials for printers.

Most of the processes were entirely manual. Between the 80s and 90s there were the first, important investments on automatic presses and was possible the cost reduction of production.

In 2003 ISTAM changes hands.

The new direction, has a management with a strong international vocation through training that has acquired during a long period of training in the USA.

Excellent results are achieved in efficiency and made it easier the competitiveness of ISTAM outside Italy.

In the same year production activity has been transferred to the new Industrial Zone Vadò Moncalieri (where now still resides).

Production activities include: cold forming for the automotive and industrial application (in particular in the filtration one), and the materials processes used for naval and aeronautical application.

For these two categories the processes of sheet metal are extremely “customized”.

Thanks to the skills of the staff, highly specialized, the customers who request it are today supported in the formulation of process cycles, foreseeing for all operations, including special processes not yet standardized.

ISTAM has obtained ISO9100 certification in 2012 for aeronautics and simultaneously increased its special processes such as bending extremely delicate pipes, any kind of sheet metal prototyping and the production of fins able to satisfy the specific needs of its customers in order to be able to work with R & D Depatment of various Companies producing series and / or pre-series limited.

ISTAM has a production capacity of 1.200.000 parts per day.

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