ISTAM S.r.l. | Sheet metal cold pressing and, molds and equipment Realizations
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Sheet metal cold pressing and, molds and equipment Realizations.

Components for heat exchangers, filtration components for the automotive industry, transport for moving, hobby items, components for machine tools, industrial compressors, components for printers, and appliances small to medium size.

Production: fins for heat-exchangers, we build and develop intercooler prototypes for aerospace, radiators, evaporators of any material (aluminum, steel, copper, brass, etc.), with high level of conductivity, tubes or pipes of different diameters (26, 38, 42 automatically and all others diameters by spot welding), covers for filtration, bases and bypass valves drilled by filtration, all kind of brackets, metal bushings.

Parts for wine industry, for compressors, for furniture, for many kind of sectors are produced by ISTAM.

ISTAM is specialized in cold sheet metal forming and creates prototypes especially for aerospace and naval. ISTAM ability on working all materials such as aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and all kinds of iron, makes it leader in the metal-working market.

ISTAM S.r.l. – EN